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What is BASICS Feedback?

What is BASICS Feedback?

An online survey, reporting and communications management tool used to administer BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students).
How does BASICS Feedback Work?

How does BASICS Feedback Work?

The platform is completely web-based; use just an internet connection and current web browser to access BASICS Feedback. No software to install or maintain.
Why use BASICS Feedback?

Why use BASICS Feedback?

This easy-to-use administrative platform, designed in coordination with leading BASICS experts in the field, is essential in helping to prepare and deliver information that is focused, consistent and effective.

The leading choice for administering BASICS.

BASICS Feedback is a revolutionary web-based survey and feedback intervention platform designed by leading health professionals. Help streamline your data collection processes and generate better outcomes for your users.

What are people saying?


University of Massachusetts Amherst

“The BASICS program at UMass Amherst depends on BASICS Feedback for all our administrative and data management needs. There is no way we could manage such a large BASICS program if it weren’t for the easy to use, customizable, and comprehensive data management platform. The BASICS Feedback team are creative, responsive, and dependable. They care about producing a top quality product which has enhanced BASICS programs across the country.”

Diane Fedorchak, M.Ed.

BASICS Director

Virginia Commonwealth University

“BASICS Feedback has already streamlined VCU’s process for providing individual feedback to persons with a drug or alcohol infraction and additions to the platform will continue that trend. Now, rather than requiring a student to print out survey feedback, a counselor can simply view the feedback online. Being able to view the feedback before a student returns for their one on one session allows the counselor to see the information in advance and gives an opportunity to plan the approach to each individual. The instrument is exhaustive and has eliminated any need to do other pen and paper instruments during counseling sessions. The platform is so flexible, so customizable, and the customer service is so good that The Well intends to use it for almost all of its survey needs. “

Kristen Kidd Donovan, MPH

Substance Abuse Services Coordinator

University of Wyoming

“We rely on it every day to help us with case management, personalized feedback, and evaluation data. We particularly like how user-friendly and customizable the program is”

Lena Marie Newlin MPH, CHES

AWARE Program Coordinator

Ithaca College

“It’s fast and easy to customize. Making text edits, norms updates, and other changes is simple to learn, and allows you to be creative while keeping the content relevant to your own campus culture.”

Nancy C Reynolds MSPH

Health Promotion Center Program Director

Dartmouth College

“BASICS Feedback has been ideal for our needs; flexible, adaptive, secure, accurate and sustained by an exceedingly expeditious technical support staff.”

Brian Bowden M.Ed.

Alcohol and Other Drug Education Program Coordinator